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Remote Frontend Web Developer


2019-Present - Remote Frontend Web Developer

As a Remote Frontend Web Developer I use a combination of BackboneJS, UnderscoreJS, jQuery, HTML5, PHP, Javascript and CSS3 (SASS) to develop an intuitive and well thought out e-learning and competency application.

Code is delivered to my employer using an Agile Methodology to ensure all members of the team create valuable solutions on time with a high level of collaboration (remotely and in-office).

Progress Review

"Graeme is an experienced front end developer who currently works on the e-learning/competency product. During his probation period Graeme has demonstrated strong initiative in product development. He has helped improve processes, enabling the team to become more efficient. He is keen to be seen as part of the organisation and has an interest in the vision of the company and how the Development Dept can align with the overall strategic direction."

Head of Development